UNPRECEDENTED: SGT Report Removes Karen Hudes Interview 10 Minutes After Posting

UNPRECEDENTED: SGT Report Removes Karen Hudes Interview 10 Minutes After Posting

Well, this is a first. After spending nearly an hour with World Bank General Counsel Karen Hudes, a woman I found to be kind and charming, I spent much of my day on Sunday away from my family prepping the interview with supporting documentation, images and sound bites. The resulting 40-minute conversation was one titled ‘The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY’ – and it was a pretty darn captivating one. But within minutes after posting the interview on You Tube Sunday night at 11:45 pm CST, it was met with more than a dozen thumbs downs and many very negative comments about Karen being a “shill”, a “nut bag” and worse. Now that alone isn’t cause to remove a video, but it gave me pause. Had I missed something?

Never having faced such hateful comments about one of my guests from people who clearly could not have listened to the 40-minute interview in just 5 minutes, I quickly searched to try to determine what all the fuss was about and I found this: Joel Skousen’s critique of World Bank whistle blower Karen Hudes, and this: I’m blowing the whistle on World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes.

Look, no one is perfect, least of all me. So before I cast any stones, I want to dig a little deeper, so I removed this interview for the time being. With that said, this site will NEVER be a catalyst for disinformation. SGT Report will never be anything less than the antidote to corporate propaganda. We will always strive to be a source for the REAL news and for TRUTH. I don’t think Karen was spreading disinfo in our interview, but given the overwhelming negativity towards her about which I was unaware, I thought it fair to take the interview down as I re-assess the situation. I thought you should know. Thanks for your support.

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