Survivalist Prepper on the Dr. Prepper CPR Talk Show

Survivalist Prepper on the Dr. Prepper CPR Talk Show

Lisa and I recently had the pleasure of being on the Dr.Prepper CPR talk show and had a wonderful conversation with James Stevens, better known as Dr. Prepper. If your 1 of the 3 people who ┬áhaven’t heard of Dr. Prepper you can listen to the show we were guests on along with other episodes of the CPR talk show here.

I must say it was a little intimidating at first when he invited Lisa and I to be on because I was basically in diapers when he wrote the book Making the Best of the Basics which has since sold over 800,000 copy’s. James has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent and has a great way of making you feel comfortable with his down to earth personality, any of you who have listened to his show probably already know this.

As a result of doing this interview James invited Lisa and I to do a show on the Preparedness Radio Network and I am almost positive we are going to, we will keep you updated.

Lisa and I want to do a husband and wife show about what we are doing now and what we have planned for the future with the 10 acres of land we recently purchased. The term “knowledge is power” is a little misleading, the real power comes from putting what you have learned into action, and that is what we plan on doing with this land which is basically 10 acres of dirt right now.

We haven’t decided what to call the show yet but it will be based around a rational look at prepping and planning for anything from a small power outage to being prepared for anything on a larger scale. We really enjoy the preparedness lifestyle and we really enjoy teaching others about the benefits of preparedness, we also like to have fun and after 7 years we still actually like each other (haha) so it should be a pretty good show.

What we Discussed on the Dr. Prepper CPR Talk Show

On the show we talked about what we are all about, what our plans are for the Survivalist Prepper Academy and the books we are currently writing. When it comes to prepping we are basically average everyday Americans that choose to be prepared for anything that we possibly can that might come out way, and we want to try and help anyone we can how has just opened up their minds to living a more self reliant life.

Lisa is writing a book series called Prepping A to Z that will cover a wide variety of topics around prepping, homesteading and self sufficiency. This was originally going to be one book, but because she has so much information that she feels like needs to be in there she is going to make it a book series instead of just one big book. This will also give everyone the option of buying each volume at a lower price so it doesn’t put a dent in your pocket.

We are also working on the Survivalist Prepper Academy that is a community for people like you and I with the same preparedness mindset, sometimes it can be pretty confusing and a little intimidating when you first begin your preparedness journey and it’s nice to have a few friends around.

This is also why we are working on the Prepping 101 course that will be free to the public and will help guide you in the right direction and help you make time saving and money saving decisions along the way. This course should be ready to go by the end of January but parts of it are available now if you want to take a look. Just keep checking back or sign up to receive emails when we add new modules.

Where to Find Out More About Dr. Prepper

You can listen to Dr. Prepper on the Preparedness Radio Network at or you can download the CPR show from iTunes. James was also kind enough to give Lisa and I a copy of his book Making the Best of the Basics which is a great book packed with valuable information. If you want to survive a zombie apocalypse this probably isn’t the book for you, but if you want to learn how to live a more self sufficient life you will find more information in this one book than you ever dreamed of.

Dale & Lisa


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