Sociopaths and the Rewriting of History

Sociopaths and the Rewriting of History

by Stephanie, TF Metals Report:

I watched some old films recently that made me think about the nature of reality and how it is presented to us – often as lies.

The original Conan the Barbarian from 1982 is filled with brutal fight scenes. Many of these scenes involve horses not only falling, but in some cases flipping over completely. Usually, the horse would just roll right back up again and seemed just fine. In one amazing shot, a horse actually rolled down a hill through a thicket of wooden stakes, and after a few revolutions fluidly glided right back up to standing like he was some giant cat.

The beauty and agility of the horses in the film amazed me. I left with a much bigger appreciation for the majesty and resilience of the common horse.

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