Secure Your Preps, Secure Your Present, Secure Your Future – Dec 24,2013

Secure Your Preps, Secure Your Present, Secure Your Future – Dec 24,2013

Joe Nobody believes “…you can have all of the water, food and medical supplies in the world and it won’t do you a bit of good if someone comes and takes them from you. Security has to be the first priority!” As a preparedness author of fiction and non-fiction books, his writings cover defense preparation for when things all fall apart. In this interview on the Doctor Prepper C.P.R. Talk Show, Joe explains: Why must preppers be fully able to defend their families and shelters? How do events develop on a critical timeline? What do the periods of social grace, realization, desperation, and reorganization mean? Is there hope for life to return to “normal” in the future? How can we deal with the uncertainty of any future localized, regional, or national event? Visit brings you all the latest news and information on health, longevity, liberty and quality of life. Support the site by sharing what you find! In the meantime, if you care about your health, check out Cancer Uncensored - The Book - Your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival.

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