Podcast- Nullify the NSA- Shane Trejo of OffNow.org

Podcast- Nullify the NSA- Shane Trejo of OffNow.org

Shane Trejo of OffNow.org joins me on the Prepper Recon Podcast today to talk about what we can do to fight back against a government that has no respect for the constitutional law, the Fourth Amendment or your privacy. Offnow.org has developed a very comprehensive action plan to nullify the NSA and take back our freedom. Shane and I also talk about how “Stop and Frisk” has successfully been beta tested in the urban community and is now ready to be fully implemented in YOUR neighborhood.  Stop by Offnow.org and see how you can get involved in taking back your own freedom and unchaining yourself from the shackles of tyranny and slavery.


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My new book, American Meltdown, Book Two of The Economic Collapse Chronicles was just published! In American Meltdown, America has entered into a full scale financial meltdown. Matt and Karen Bair do their best to navigate a complete currency collapse and the social disruptions that come with it. Having relocated to a rural area in Kentucky, the Bairs fare much better than the unfortunate masses still trapped in the cities. Knowing the intentions of the Federal Government, Matt, Adam and Wesley Bair train with the local militia who have determined to draw a line in the sand and defend the last remnants of liberty. The political conflict escalates into military aggression and the gloves come off.

Written from a Christian-constitutional worldview, American Meltdown uses dystopian fiction to take an in-depth look at the economic and political trends that have taken America to the edge of bankruptcy and tyranny. The book assesses the current course of the nation and projects it into the near future.

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