Mom of 7 Homeschoolers in Arkansas Taken by Authorities Speaks Out

Mom of 7 Homeschoolers in Arkansas Taken by Authorities Speaks Out

Michelle Stanley: “Wake up America! If this happened to us, it can happen to you.”


UPDATE: 1/21/2015

Today’s hearing went so long it is suspended until tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. local time.

Magellan was at the courthouse this afternoon, and filmed this prior to the trial:

Health Impact News Editor Comments

We have previously reported how 7 homeschool children of Hal and Michelle Stanley in Garland County Arkansas were removed during the night by DHS and fully armed sheriffs this past week, simply because they reportedly found a supplement in the home that was not approved by the FDA. The full story is here.

Last night (Tues. Jan. 20th) Michelle Stanley, the mother of the 7 children, was interviewed by Magellan, of Blog Talk Radio.

Here are some of the quotes from the mother:

We’ve been doing the best we can to go from day to day. We can’t sleep, we can’t eat.

About why the children were taken by authorities:

I don’t believe it is about child protection. I think it is more about taking away our rights, because we believe differently and we do so many things differently. I think I’ve had all of our convictions that we have stood by for all our lives just ripped away. Our kids are in public school. Next thing it will be vaccinations…

We didn’t find out until today (Tues. Jan. 20th) that our court date was tomorrow… They served us the papers less than 24 hours…

And then they made the press statement and switched the issue from… it’s not that MMS is not an issue, but I think they realized it is not going to be …. because we got 2 chemical companies now called to defend their products, and they were given all the details which we didn’t have the knowledge about… they’re shifting it to how bad a parents we are or whatever…. It’s about our beliefs. I think they just saw us as an ideal target or something, I don’t know…

The interviewer asked her how this all happened. Did someone give the authorities a tip?

On a hot line, the lady read a report that all the kids were running around barefoot in the snow, inadequately dressed, and that my husband had slapped one in the face. When they asked us and the kids were standing right there, we all laughed. Because that is their tradition. When it snows, we run out there and take pictures of the … footprints in the snow. But every time they build a snowman which they do every time it snows, they bundle up, put plastic gloves on top of their mittens, and plastic bags on top of their shoes just to keep them from getting wet… We have over 200 pairs of shoes! They just choose to go barefoot in the yard sometimes…

They came to our doorstep, took our kids, searched our house, and didn’t tell us a single thing. Nothing. We knew nothing until Friday (kids taken on Monday)… They waited until the last second, on purpose, to put us at a disadvantage, until they closed on a 3-day weekend, so that we couldn’t get served until then….

Is DHS Putting Pressure on the Teenagers of this Family to Criticize Their Parents and Trump up Charges?

Here is what the mother said:

 There’s all these allegations, and I know there are, and they are going to be examining us, and it is going to be very painful. I don’t want to get on that stand and testify against my children or have them testify against me. Because I know it will hurt.

Not knowing anything (when they originally came to the home to remove the children). Why? Of course I had started to form (some conclusions), because they had my two teenagers in their SUV for 5 hours. And they’re the worst ones to have in there. I’m going, “oh no…”

Concluding Remarks

I know the Lord is still on his throne, … and he is going to work it all out for good.

It is a beautiful family. We’ve been blessed. And to see it come to this… It will never be the same. I just hate to see it. We thank everybody out there for your prayers, as they are being answered. This is a David and Goliath thing, and we are trusting in the Lord.

She mentioned earlier that a very well-known attorney has come forward to represent them for free.

Listen to the full interview here.

New Video Surfaces From Family

Somebody has also released a video on YouTube alleging to be the first press statement by the family, uploaded on 1/20/2015, the day before their hearing:

The family clearly states in this video, that the warrant and issue with DHS was the mineral supplement MMS, while the sheriff department has denied this. The video contains testimony from the father, a neighbor, and the mother.

The hearing will be continued tomorrow in Juvenile Court in Garland County, in Hot Springs Arkansas, at 9:00 a.m.

607 Ouachita Avenue, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901

The family has requested that the public call the following people:

  • State Police Headquarters: 501-767-8836
  • Kathy Finnegan 501-767-8550 (head investigator at State police department of our case.)
  • DHS Department 501-321-2583 on menu choose Dept. of Children and Family
  • Garland County Sheriff office Main Office Phone: (501) 622-3660 ask why did Mike Write make the decision to hold the Stanley kids?

Asa Hutchinson is the Governor, and can be contacted here. His Facebook Page is here. Phone number is 501-682-2345.




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