Medical Cannabis: The REAL Reason the Government Wants to Keep it Banned

Medical Cannabis: The REAL Reason the Government Wants to Keep it Banned
“Cannabis” refers to the plant that is commonly called “marijuana.” The two terms are often used interchangeably. However, “cannabis” is the historical name that has been used in the medical literature.

While public sentiments towards marijuana have recently changed to the point where two states have now voted to make it legal for recreational use, few people understand the actual history of cannabis as a medical plant in the United States, and how it came to be classified as an illegal drug. It is crucial to understand this history in order to fully understand what is happening at the state and national level with regards to both medical cannabis and recreational marijuana.

Did you know that medical cannabis at one time was a widely prescribed drug in the U.S., and that physicians were originally opposed to its regulation? Did you know that while the U.S. government continues to list cannabis as a Schedule 1 illegal drug preventing doctors from prescribing it because it supposedly has no therapeutic value, that the government is also patenting drugs based on cannabis?

What about recent laws passed to legalize the recreational use of marijuana: are these good or bad for medical cannabis use? Learn all this and more: brings you all the latest news and information on health, longevity, liberty and quality of life. Support the site by sharing what you find! In the meantime, if you care about your health, check out Cancer Uncensored - The Book - Your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival.

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