Kelly Miller files Lawsuit : Case Number 12-M-00319 for justice against "Masonic Domination"

Kelly Miller files Lawsuit : Case Number 12-M-00319  for justice against "Masonic Domination"

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Guest: Kelly Miller
Kelly Miller files Lawsuit : Case Number 12-M-00319 for justice against "Masonic Domination"

Ms. Miller is a surviving victim of a unified "Masonic Domination" to which Ms. Miller was able to identify corruption at a state level in the Commonwealth of KY. With the Governor’s office and KY State Police acknowledging corruption and encouraging Ms. Miller to take her case to the Federal level Ms. Miller reported her evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington which is currently being investigated by the FBI as well as with the U S Postal Inspector for Fraud.

Ms. Miller single-handedly developed and established a United States Supreme Court Civil Case with Criminal exhibits of official court documents implementing chief political figures as committing fraudulent acts ultimately resulting in Ms. Miller filing Impeachment Memorial with the House and Senate on KY Attorney General Jack Conway for participation in an Organized Criminal Syndicate under the United States RICO Act.

Ms. Miller has vast knowledge in administration as a Liaison for the National Job Corps Organization mandated by the Department of Labor where Ms. Miller developed and provided in-house and community preparation for the region a Work Based Learning Program and a Con-Current College Program both currently utilized. Ms. Miller has extensive experience speaking publically in the political, business and community arena as a cultural ambassador of the Job Corps organization.

Ms. Miller received her undergraduate degree from Morehead State University as well as a Master’s in Adult Education and a Master’s in Counseling and is a certified Counselor.

In 2002 Ms. Miller was honored by the Lt. Governor as a Kentucky Colonel and an ambassador for Kentucky for her diligent work in the community. Ms. Miller is a Rotarian and past Chairperson of Relay for Life Luminaries.

In 1998 Ms. Miller was recognized by her community in a "A Salute to the Working Woman" tribute article for her triumph over adversity and steadfast dedication.

Ms. Miller is currently working with political and law enforcement representatives toward securing justice. Ms. Miller speaks to The Truth Denied
publically as an advocate against political corruption, sharing her story of the negative effect on victims encouraging awareness of prevention of Organized Criminal Syndicates to eliminate the possibility of any future sadistic Masonic domination occurring.

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