GMO Farmer in Texas Realizes GMO Dangers, Works to Educate Others

GMO Farmer in Texas Realizes GMO Dangers, Works to Educate Others

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

A Lubbock farmer planted GMO cottonseed on his farm back in 2005, believing the claims of the biotech industry that it would be cheaper to grow. But he has since learned that the crops don’t only perish due to super weeds, but are also full of genes which resist herbicides and pesticides – not something he thinks you or his own family would want to eat. Where once he thought he could save money on labor, he is now realizing that he was sold a health-risk he isn’t worth taking, nor is he willing to sell his friends and neighbors. Eric Herm, the Texas farmer; however, is one of the few people in his neck of the woods educated about GMO crops.

Herm is now a huge advocate for GMO warning labels, and is among a small group in the Republican-dominated state in support of labeling genetically modified organisms. His attempt to defeat big agribusiness is up against some major disinformation campaigns.

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