Episode 112: Paul Wheaton

Episode 112: Paul Wheaton

Join us today for an interview with the great Paul Wheaton of Permies.com on Rocket Mass Heaters, growing more with less effort, things that go boom squish, and all things permaculture.

Paul Wheaton is like an encyclopedia of permaculture and homesteading. But when people hear permaculture, rocket mass heaters, or live stock they think it’s not for us city folk.

Well think again.

Join us as we discuss and drink from the fire hose that is Mr. Wheaton…

  • The best permaculture techniques for us city folk
  • Hostile Vegans
  • Thoughts on livestock
  • Why you should stop composting
  • A super simple food preservation method post SHTF
  • Solar Dehydrators
  • Chicken duels
  • The evils of Chicken Tractors
  • What booms squish means
  • Rocket Mass Heaters

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