Episode 107: Sailing for Survivalists Part II

Episode 107: Sailing for Survivalists Part II

In this episode hosts Aaron and Jason do a follow up interview with Jesse. And this time we dive even deeper into sailing for preppers.

But, before we do–and to bring you back up to speed, Sailing is becoming a big topic around where.


Because Sailing may be one of the perfect methods of bugging out. But it’s not just about bugging out in a SHTF situation. It may also be an exceptional way to bug out from the standard run of the mill life many of us are leading–as long as you’re not prone to sea sickness, of course.


Join us as we discuss:

  • Deeper details on picking out the right boat for you.
  • Learning to sail.
  • Food foraging from a sail boat.
  • Special gear selections for sailing preppers.
  • How not to get thrown in jail as a sailor in a strange land.
  • Producing electricity on a sail boat from solar power, wind, diesel generators, and hydroelectric appliances.
  • …And a whole lot more.

Resources from this episode:

Special note: We’ve gotten off schedule with the episodes lately. Thanks for hanging in there. Over the last few weeks I’ve had to travel, gotten the flu, dealt with some studio issues, and been buried under a ton of work. But we’re back on course now for the remainder of the season.

We now resume our regularly scheduled programing. (Which may include naked survivalists soon–long story.)

Anyway, enough about that. Go listen to the show.

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