Episode 103: Road Trip to Austin!

Episode 103: Road Trip to Austin!

In this episode Hosts Aaron and Jonathan meet up in Austin Texas for an unfiltered discussion about guns, knives, silencers, ammo, and other stuff.

Guaranteed to be a fun, albeit long, episode. Aaron goes to visit Jonathan in Austin. And since Aaron and Jonathan haven’t gotten to hang out in person in a while, the discussion goes all over the place. However, minus the ADD, we cover a lot of topics we’re sure you’ll love.

But be forewarned: This episode is unedited and straight form the tap. We’ve never done an unedited episode before. Not to mention it wasn’t done in the ITRH studio. So it should be interesting… (Audio snobs you’ve been warned.)

Topics Covered:

  • What is bullet setback. (In simple terms.)
  • Buying guns, new and used.
  • Storing guns safely.
  • Keeping loaded guns around the house.
  • The ongoing ammo shortage.
  • Changes on the way for lovers of NFA / Class 3 Weapons
  • Changes to Texas knife laws!
  • …And a collection of other randomness

Special Note: For those that might freak about OPSec, this episode was not release till Aaron was back from Austin.

Episode Resources:

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