David Andrew Christenson Whistleblows New Orleans INJUSTICE and Murder & Katrina Virus

David Andrew Christenson Whistleblows New Orleans INJUSTICE and Murder & Katrina Virus

Guest: David Andrew Christenson will blow your mind. This man is courageous and walks like he talks!


PLEASE see this article: http://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/2013/10/22/record-of-court-documents-filed-october-7-2013-re-katrina-virus/

The Truth Denied wanted official records of the motion filed in the for the Interview with David Andrew Christenson to be published in there original format.
Please read :
1. The cases
2. The rules
3. The questions
"FILED 10-7-2013 by David Andrew Christenson on behalf of the American People" Part I


"FILED 10-7-2013 by David Andrew Christenson on behalf of the American People" Part II


David Andrew Christenson
"The Reluctant Patriot"

"I am an Air Force Officer and Veteran who has been classified as a terrorist.
Index of YouTube Videos: 175 Videos to date."
David Andrew Christenson
YouTube: "David Andrew Christenson Channel"
Facebook: David Andrew Christenson
Twitter: David A Christenson@dachristenson
Box 9063
Miramar Beach, Fl. 32550

The Motion Filed:
Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, US Attorney James Letten and US Attorney Billy Gibbens must be placed under oath to answer the questions in the attached Memorandum on behalf of the American people.
Judges must ensure that semantics do not play a role in their answers.) There
is no 5th Amendment privilege.
Make public all criminal investigations into the Department of Justice in reference to the
above named cases and or criminal matters. Include all investigative reports
into the record. Order the Department of Justice to appoint a Special
Prosecutor/Investigator. The appointee must be acceptable to all Judges in the
Eastern District of Louisiana, The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and The
United States Supreme Court. In the interest of justice the following should be
made public and a part of this proceeding: Horn Report, Criminal Investigations
into the Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF), Criminal Investigation into FBI Agent
Steven Rayes, Criminal investigation into the Department of Justice (Civil
Rights Division, Fraud Division, US Attorney Eastern District of Louisiana,
etc.) and Criminal investigation into Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon

Was there a, government or non-government, recording /DVD/tape of what happened at the
Danziger Bridge? ( NSA surveillance, satellite imagery, Military DVD, etc.)
Did the Federal Government attempt to assassinate me? Several times? The DOJ held me in
isolation for 11 days and medicated me against my will. The DOJ did the same thing to Coast Guard
Commander and Federal Whistleblower William Goetzee and he died.
There were terrorists and spies operating in Louisiana before and after Hurricane Katrina.
What were they doing? (Chinese spies were convicted post Hurricane Katrina in
Explain in detail how Louis Edgar (Lee) Madere was involved and why he was placed into the
Federal Witness Protection Program? Madere was the Danziger Grand Jury Foreman.
Was the media manipulated? (Donald Newhouse, Advance Publications, New Orleans Times
Picayune, NOLA.com, Associated Press, etc.)
Did the media participate in the cover-up? (Donald Newhouse, Advance Publications, New
Orleans Times Picayune, NOLA.com, Associated Press, etc.)
Were my Constitutional and Civil Rights violated?
Were my Constitutional and Civil Rights violated to protect the cover-up of what
happened in items 1-10 and 12-13?
Would USAA, Allstate, State Farm, etc. insurance companies have to pay trillions in medical
claims if the Federal Government confirmed the release of the Katrina Virus?
(All homeowners should review their insurance policies. The medical portion of
a homeowner’s policy is substantial and could be 25 times the value of the
Was Coast Guard Commander William Goetzee assassinated/murdered because he was a Federal
Whistleblower? (Four months after my arrest Goetzee died in the same cell that I had been held in.)
Did US Attorney Billy Gibbens or US Attorney Michael Magner provide any information,
directly or indirectly, to Fred Heebe or Dominick Fazzio that was gleaned by
them as US Attorneys or through their connections as US Attorneys that concerned
the posting of comments in the public domain? If not them then who?
See more here : http://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/2013/10/22/record-of-court-documents-filed-october-7-2013-re-katrina-virus/

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