Contradiction Series : Money and the Economic Paradigm (EP.2)

Contradiction Series :  Money and the Economic Paradigm (EP.2)



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Roxy Lopez is a native Hawaiian who has spent most of her adult life in the music industry as a major label recording artist and performer. She is also a published author & Radio Talk Show host of The Truth Denied Talk Radio, as well as the founder of one of the most popular alternative media tabloids called THE TRUTH DENIED .The Truth Denied acquired worldwide attention when Lopez made a global stance against Geoengineering (aka Chemtrails), GMO’s, Fracking , environmental health hazards, Morgellons Disease, Gang stalking and illegal government Surveillance programs that are increasingly on the up rise. Roxy opens the can of worms to the secrets that the Global Government is keeping from us all.

Lopez has appeared in several documentaries, and has been interviewed by countless news channels such as KPHO, CBS, Intel Hub, LA TIMES, along with countless other radio and TV interviews. Her work is featured on over a thousand websites worldwide!" Author and world renowned speaker, Mr. Sean David Morton refers to Lopez as a "Conspiracy Factualist". She has been endorsed by congressional candidates such as Mr. Steve Susman of Texas and California Candidate John Fitzgerald. After serving as chairman of the board for an environmental committee for 4 years Lopez had been asked to run for congress in the state of Arizona but passed.

Lopez is also the host of her own radio shows on two of the largest internet radio stations in the world. REVOLUTION RADIO Tuesday’s and Friday’s at 8PM EST. She begins a new radio and film broadcast through David Icke’s, THE PEOPLE’s VOICE beginning 11-24-13.

Mission: To expose corruption in an effort to kick start Humanities critical mind in an effort to make the necessary changes required for a life of freedom, health, and happiness!

Lopez is also an investigative journalist covering subjects such as Geoengineering, aka. "Chemtrails", Morgellon’s Disease, GMO Foods, Morgellons Disease, Gang stalking, The military Industrial Complex, the war on Vaccines, Synthetic Biology, HAARP, Agenda 21, NWO, ET’s, UFO’s, and the rise of the New World Order.

Published on Nov 14, 2013
( GIC Production ) In this second episode of Contradiction: Bernard Alvarez and Roxy Lopez tackle the topic of the economic paradigm and our love hate relationship with money. Speaking from the angle of a spiritual person or an economic activist to the necessity to utilize money as tool and the empowerment that comes from knowing ones worth; this episode will help us all to understand the contradiction of money in our lives.

Written and Directed by
Roxy Lopez and Bernard Alvarez

Produced by
Bernard Alvarez

Music by
Royalty Free Music by

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THE TRUTH DENIED is a collection from The Truth Denied Team of Investigations, research and Radio Shows with subject matters such as Conspiracy in Government, Chemtrails, Aerosol Spraying, GMO, Morgellons Disease, Health and Healing, NWO Agendas, Nano Technology, Healing,Nutrition & Health, Spirituality, Outer Space,UFO sightings,HAARP,Morgellons Disease, Disease, Iluminatti, secret societies, Matrix,Government,Mythology, archeology,Ancient Aliens, Astrology,Agenda 21 Topics, Smart Meters and Conspiracy Theories that are really Facts for the public. We are a volunteer organization. We also have radio shows for the public hosted on Revolution Radio at

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