Central Planners Have Taken The World To The Brink

Central Planners Have Taken The World To The Brink

from KingWorldNews:

Embry: “I always look at the gold price and its strange trading action with very great interest. From the moment that Russia took possession of the Crimea a couple of weeks ago, without fail, every morning gold is smashed and the U.S. stock market is ramped up….

Now, sometimes later in the day the direction changes a bit, but the damage is done right at the outset. So you’ve seen gold drop roughly $100 in a two week period. But there is absolutely nothing real about these markets.

There is nothing out there to suggest that this type of action in markets should be going on, other than this is an extreme manipulation. This is being undertaken to maintain some semblance of confidence in the system because the system is under extreme pressure financially, economically, and geopolitically.

John Embry Continues @ KingWorldNews.com

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