Can Crop Circles change the WORLD VIEW? INterview with Suzanne Taylor

Can Crop Circles change the WORLD VIEW? INterview with Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor is a producer, writer, and networker. She produces projects and events so that self-aware, thinking individuals have opportunities to engage and to further the consciousness shift sweeping through humanity. She’s made two documentaries, "CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth," and "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery," which got a very good review in The New York Times!:

Suzanne says:
"The crop circle phenomenon is a doorway to a bigger reality than the scientific materialist one in which we are so violent with one another and abusive to the Earth. Having made films about the circles I’ve had a platform to rabble-rouse for a new worldview. I got a license from TED to produce TEDxWestHollywood, which was another platform to work from. It actually got me on the world stage when I got caught in a controversy about TED’s policies which led to their cancellation of my license. Repercussions are still in play, where what TED repressed parallels the world’s repression of what could impact our outdated worldview,

These times are dangerously out of balance. Exploitation has supplanted interest in the common good. What can be done to bring about a more life-sustaining perception, grounded in an awareness that we are one?

The good news is that seeking is giving way to expressing. After lifetimes of spiritual practice, self-aware people are sitting around the campfire, glowing together. This is an everyday God sort of thing, hearkening to earlier connections to the land and the tribe that have been acculturated out of us. We are growing a new field of awareness.

Doorway Cafe, a new site for me that’s in development, will be a focal point to pulse the vibe of an awakened humanity and to advocate for a new worldview. Get on my mailing list to stay informed."

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