Barbara Peterson – Hour 1 – Farmwars: The Anti-GMO Battle

Barbara Peterson – Hour 1 – Farmwars: The Anti-GMO Battle

Barbara Peterson is behind the website Farmwars. She lives on a small ranch in Oregon where she raises geese, chickens, goats and horses, yet this rural lifestyle is currently under attack at the most basic level. Federal regulations, Agenda 21 and the corporate takeover of the US food supply with Monsanto’s invasive GMO technology is designed to make it next to impossible to raise animals and grow organic food. In this program we have a somewhat laid back discussion about genetically modified foods, how to grow your own food and raising animals. Barbara also shares some recipes. We’ll proceed in the second hour discussing GMO labeling campaigns and Prop 37. She suggests why it might not be such a good idea. Also, we talk about the individual solution against the government/corporate takeover of the food supply. Later, we discuss the “cautionary principle” in the EU in regards to the stance on GMOs. Europe is basicallymoving towards full implementationand government approval of GMO’s, but at a slower pace. brings you all the latest news and information on health, longevity, liberty and quality of life. Support the site by sharing what you find! In the meantime, if you care about your health, check out Cancer Uncensored - The Book - Your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival.

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