Apocalypse : How-To manuals on being 100% self sufficient & Living off the Grid

Apocalypse : How-To manuals on being 100% self sufficient & Living off the Grid

Guest Dan Martin , author of the book "Apocalypse, How to Survive a Global Crisis".

Dan Martin states"I”ve written several How-To manuals on being 100% self sufficient and cut off from society, everything from How to build your own home from natural materials, to How to make your own electricity, fuel, food, etc. I think it’s unhealthy to be dependent on anything or anyone your entire life. IF something ever happens to that entity, i.e., they die, collapse, break, etc. for any reason, then where are you? What do you do? You couldn’t survive in that environment let alone live comfortably or thrive. The book was written to give the people that insurance policy. I also wanted to give those who are maybe not so observant or even completely oblivious to current affairs, a little glimpse into the true state of our country and species. Most don’t, or refuse to realize, that not only are natural and manmade catastrophes occurring around us on a daily basis now, but that the chances of one affecting them or their family directly is much higher that it was just 25 years ago. And yet they are somewhat aware that calamities do happen. They buy their life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance, title insurance, probably insurance on their smart phone, maybe even their Shih Tzu. What if those insurance companies collapse in an already cracking society? Well, the odds of that happening are about the same as your Shih Tzu being kidnapped, your house burning down, crashing your car, truck, motorcycle AND sinking your boat, all before you turn 85. And yet we pay every month until death so that we’re protected "just in case". What’s another life insurance policy, then, so that we can "protect" the life of our own wife and children?

At the heart of my soul, I want to desperately shake up and disrupt the currently-plagued societal belief structure we’re suffering in, if only to awaken a few more minds in the ruckus. Unfortunately, in order to achieve such positive change, sometimes we first need negative changes. We saw this after Katrina. 8 times in 10 years, New Orleans was given the title as the homicide capital, beating out Detroit. And now, in the aftermath, New Orleans is actually becoming a very nice city to live in."

"There comes a time when a house has been so damaged by termites that you must not only kill the termites… but demolish the house… and build again."
– Doctor Hippocrates Noah




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