A Conspiracy Far Bigger than Flight 370 – Three Theories…

A Conspiracy Far Bigger than Flight 370 – Three Theories…

by Jimmy Mengel, Outsider Club:

Every day, the story of Flight 370 is becoming more and more like a Twilight Zone episode.

A plane flying another four hours after the last communication? Passengers on board with stolen international passports? Family members calling passenger cell phones, only to have the phones mysteriously hang up?

It is one of the most bizarre incidents I can recall. There has been no trace of wreckage debris, and there have been a dozen countries working full time to comb the ocean for signs of the plane or its 239 passengers. It truly boggles the mind…

Whatever may have happened, it’s looking less and less like a mechanical failure and more like a well-orchestrated plot by either terrorists or government agencies…

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