#171: Mike talks Gardening with Shawna Coronado

#171: Mike talks Gardening with Shawna Coronado

In this week’s episode Mike
talks with gardening expert Shawna Coronado. A finalist for the Better
Homes & Gardens top 5 gardening bloggers and key note speaker at the
Chicago Home & Garden Show, Shawna will share all kinds of great
tips, tricks and techniques on gardening.

Shawna will cover the various beneficial plants that can attract
pollinators and how to arrange them in such a way to not not only make
the garden productive but attractive. Shawna refers to this type as an
ornamental edible garden.

Shawna will also talk about front yard gardens and the proper steps to
take to make sure they are done right and not intrusive to your
neighbors. Finally, Shawna and Mike will finish off the podcast talking
about how you can take your many extra vegetables that you are growing
and help those in need right in your area.

For more show notes, visit: http://averagepersongardening.com/podcast/171MiketalkswithShawnaCoronado.html#.UwoCj4U21fL

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