#170: Mike talks with Heidi Kennedy of CrockPotLadies.com

#170: Mike talks with Heidi Kennedy of CrockPotLadies.com

In this week’s episode Mike
talks with crockpot cooking expert Heidi Kennedy. Heidi will share her
many recipes that can be used by cooking with a slow cooker. The best
part, many of the ingredients from these recipes can be grown right at
home in your own vegetable garden.

As a busy mom she is always looking for new ways to save time and money.
Crock-pot cooking fits the bill and lets Heidi prepare warm and
satisfying meals without slaving over a hot stove. In her spare time
Heidi enjoys cooking (of course), reading, learning new things everyday,
shopping, saving money, gardening and spending quality time with her
family, friends and pets.

The show notes can be found at: http://averagepersongardening.com/podcast/170MiketalkswithHeidiKennedyofCrockPotLadies_com.html#.Uvd8oIUzLvE

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