#169: Mike talks with Gardening Jones and a New Gardening System

#169: Mike talks with Gardening Jones and a New Gardening System

In this week’s episode Mike
talks with Gardening Jones, an avid vegetable gardener, gardening
blogger and now garden system inventor. Gardening Jones, or GJ as Mike
refers to her for short, will fill you in on the challenges she faces as
a gardening in the zone 5/6 region, how she overcomes them, and which
vegetable gives her the most fits.

In this episode Mike and GJ
will also discuss a brand new gardening system that she invented, how it
works, the history behind it and how it can help anyone regardless of
how much or how little space they may have.
Show notes can be found at: http://averagepersongardening.com/podcast/169MiketalkswithGardeningJonesandaNewGardeningSystem.html#.Uu-WHLRabvE

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