14-Year-Old-Girl Coerced to Receive Vaccine at School Against Wishes of Parents

14-Year-Old-Girl Coerced to Receive Vaccine at School Against Wishes of Parents
A Canadian couple are furious after public health nurses vaccinated their teenage daughter at school without parental consent.

Children represent a huge market, obviously, for the vaccine industry. The primary means of accessing this market is through school systems.

Like the family in this story, many parents would be surprised to learn that their children under the age of 18 can often be vaccinated at school without their permission. This story takes place in Canada, but the same situation exists in many states in the U.S. California recently passed a bill, for example, allowing school officials to vaccinate with dangerous HPV vaccine to girls as young as 12.

What is so tragic in this story is that the parents had already lost one child to vaccines, and wanted to opt of them for their other children.

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